Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Slick Start-Up Austin Magazine You May Never See

“M.D. News”

“M.D. News”, is a new, glossy magazine aimed at a very special “niche” audience, the 3,200 doctors in Travis and Williamson Counties. While area readers may never see the magazine, they might find the content interesting.

“It’s a direct mail, non-subscription monthly publication,” said Dale Lane who co-publishes “M.D. News” with his wife Cathleen. “Each month our cover story profiles a local physician who is making an impact in the medical community."

The Texas launch for “M.D. News” was in San Antonio in March, 2008. The Austin “M.D. News” April edition was only the second here. Lane says it is doing well in spite of the economy, probably because of its limited audience. “It enables physicians to market their practices to other doctors,” Lane says. “It’s a way of growing their practice through referrals.”

In June “M. D. News” will launch an interactive web site focusing on the Austin area, its physicians and its medical advertisers, Lane said. A version of the magazine is online at:

The magazine is an arm of Sunshine Media headquartered in Arizona with “M.D. News” publications in some specific 70 markets nationwide. Sunshine media also publishes similar niche magazines for architects, restaurants, and dentists.

The April, 2009 “M.D. News” Austin cover story was an in-depth look at Dr. Vivek Mahendru and Central Texas Pain Institute, P.A. entitled “Providing Solutions for a Pain-Free Society.” The spread featured Dr. Mahendru and his staff on the cover. Inside is a five-page article by health care free-lance writer Paul J. Watkins with five full-color pictures featuring Mahendru and various staff members.

Central Texas Pain Institute specializes in assisting people whose chronic pain has not responded to conventional treatments such as bedrest, medication, physical therapy, and surgery. Patients, along with their physician, are seeking alternative treatment for their unrelenting pain. “We take a very comprehensive approach, because we know that each individual’s pain is different,” says Dr. Mahendru, CTPI medical director. “Our goal is to reduce and eliminate pain and to rehabilitate the patient to a productive lifestyle.”

For instance, Dr. Mahendru is now performing a new procedure called sacroplasty. Sacroplasty is used to treat a fracture of the sacrum (lower back), a debilitating injury for some patients. The treatment of the fractures are done by polymethylmethacrylate injections, so-called sacroplasty. “We are interested in educationing the public as well as fellow colleagues regarding all our procedures,” Mahendru says. The injection “cements” the fractured area and results in almost immediate pain relief.

Elsewhere in the April issue articles on orthopaedic advances and sports medicine. While the prime audience of “M.D. News” is other doctors, patients may also benefit from such stories. I searched and came up with 800 hits on the key words “back pain”.

[Full disclosure here: I learned about this interesting niche publication through Dr. Vivek Mahendru who is a friend of mine. I also helped him and his staff prepare a news release about it and his practice for no fee. So, I have no vested interest. I just found it interesting.]

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