Thursday, June 18, 2009

California, Here She Comes!

Laura Skirde



The sun is about to shine a little brighter in Sacramento, California. Laura Skirde is coming to town.

It took several months, of patient searching, but Skirde believes that she found what she is looking for in another state Capitol at KOVR-TV (CBS 13), a CBS owned and operated station. “I have decided to accept the morning Meteorologist position,” Skirde said. “It's a great opportunity because I will not only be doing mornings and noons there, but also appearing on Good Day Sacramento on their CW sister station. So, basically [I’ll be] on air about 5-6 hours each day.” She starts at the end of July.

Laura Skirde left Austin and decided to return home to Colorado last December, leaving a contract with KXAN TV (NBC) on the table. Jim Spencer is ensconced as the main meteorologist there and opportunity for futher growth was limited. “The job search in this market did take a little longer than I expected, but I also had very specific career goals in mind and I was prepared to wait until the right opportunity came along,” Skirde said.

In today’s TV market when staff is asked to do more with less, and there is greater parity than ever before among the stations in a given market, finding just the right job can be tough. And, Skirde, said, it is hard not to cave and except less than your dreams, your ideals.

“My advice to others in the job hunt is not to lose faith! When you're off the air for a while you start to get a little edgy, and it's important to remember the skills and experience you have to offer and feel confident in your abilities. Some of the opportunities out there right now are not ideal - let's face it, everyone's being asked to do more for less. We have to be realistic, but I refused to sell myself short and settle for a position that I knew would not make me happy in the long run,” Skirde said.

Instead, as the search continued, she considered the last six months something of a sabbatical. “This "sabbatical" has been incredible! I had the chance to travel and spend long overdue quality time with family and friends, Skirde said. “I feel refreshed, rejuvenated and ready to kick butt in this changing media landscape! There's only so much golf a girl can play (without getting any better I might add!) before it's time to scope out new fairways in a far off land—In my case, northern California.”

One of Skirde’s excursions took her to the Everglades. She helped out with a Gator this spring (Right). She spent time with good friend and former KXAN colleague Donna Rapado in Miami. Of course, she could spend time with old friends and family in her home town, Denver enjoying an outdoor festival just a couple of weeks ago (Right). “Who says the job search has to be hard and boring,” says Skirde.

By the way, the highs in Sacramento this week are expected in the mid 90s. The lows, however, are forecast in the upper 50s and low 60s. Ahhhh.

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Anonymous said...

Good catch for KOVR. Laura's super solid.

Anonymous said...

When she first got to sacramento she was a fresh new perspective at cbs/ kovr when she was just doing the weather. She sounded smart, had solid information and quickly rising in her new position.

She seemed to take about 3 weeks off around the 90 day mark. That is when laura skirde changed....

It has appeared to be that is when she has had much physical augmentation performed.

I must say it was nice to watch laura in the mornings, she had a great thing going, now I can not even turn on cbs in the morning. She has absolutley the worst female hair and makeup I have ever seen on a news telecast. it is painfull to see her beautiful picture on this blog and wonder what may have happened to this laura skirde... What the hell. All bad