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The Second or Third Return of Troy Kimmel



I saw it coming. Six weeks ago when I wrote about veteran meteorologist Troy Kimmel returning to KEYE TV (CBS) to cover weekends and vacations, I sensed that he wasn’t leaving. I’ve known Troy for 35 years or so. With all of his notoriety in Austin working for KVUE TV (ABC), KTBC TV (CBS and then Fox), KEYE TV, and Clear Channel Radio, plus his teaching load at The University of Texas at Austin as an Aggie, I knew two years ago that he was drawn to return to TV. He was last on the air full time at KEYE TV six years ago.

As I said, I like to be ahead of the curve, but this announcement came by news release. All of it is true. The full KEYE-TV news release follows:


July 10, 2009
For Immediate Release:

Troy Kimmel named Meteorologist at KEYE TV

Thirty-four years after starting his career in Central Texas, Troy Kimmel is back on television and back on KEYE-TV. “Troy’s style is comfortable and personable without being alarmist or preachy,” says President and General Manager Amy Villarreal. “His wealth of Central Texas weather knowledge and love for the weather is evident on-air.”

Mr. Kimmel’s impressive range of experience includes serving as Chief Meteorologist for Lower Colorado River Authority, he’s taught for over 21 years, including at UT and worked at several TV and radio stations in Austin (including KEYE from 1998-1999).

Twenty-six years ago Troy received his National Weather Association Television Seal of Approval and the American Meteorological Society Television Seal of Approval two years later in 1985. He was awarded the American Meteorological Society Certified Broadcast Meteorologist in May 2005. Troy has won numerous awards, published papers and even continues to take courses and workshops. "I've worked with Ron and Judy before and look forward to being a part of this team again, they are the best!" said Mr. Kimmel.

“Troy is the real deal. He knows Texas and the Austin-area, in particular, and we are proud to have him back at KEYE.” said News Director Suzanne Black.

Troy can be seen weeknights at 5, 6 and 10pm on CBS 42 KEYE starting July 13, 2009. And you can still hear Troy on KASE, KVET and KFMK Clear Channel radio stations in the morning.


Indeed, KVET-FM (Clear Channel) listeners will still hear him live on the air each morning. “I want to stick with Bucky and Bob,” Troy told me. He will continue. He doesn’t have to make the trek to the KVET studios in South Austin. Kimmel has a weather station, forecasting tools, and broadcast quality equipment at his home in north Austin. He’s not actually standing next to Bucky and Bob, but he doesn’t need to stand next to them.

Further, he will continue teaching at The University of Texas at Austin. Classes are already set at UT, and he will show up and teach. “I will ultimately cut back,” Kimmel said.

Kimmel did the weather at KEYE TV some six years ago and left. Why did he come back? It was a good opportunity, Kimmel says. He cited change over the years since he left. “I have the greatest respect for Amy (Amy Villarreal, general manager) and Suzanne (Suzanne Black, news director).”

Susan Vessell had been the chief meteorologist handling the evening newscasts since Byron Webre was sacked in 2008. She did high quality work in the past year, upgrading the station’s use of the weather graphics package. Her calm, precise presence has been an asset. Vessel is still shown on the KEYE TV web site. Kimmel was added tonight (July 10, 2009). Also shown is Kelly Sifka, the morning meteorologist for the past several months.

However, Vessell’s time at KEYE TV ends September 8th. She is gone. Vessell told me tonight, “It will all work out.” Just like a meteorologist to see a silver lining on the clouds.

It’s a tough business.

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