Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Kate and KUT-FM

Two Quick Tidbits …

Two quick newsworthy items:

Austin’s public radio station KUT-FM (NPR) raked in another news award today, June 12, 2012. This time is the national Edward R. Murrow award for continuing coverage of the 2011 drought. This is a big deal! Listen to the winning entry here: http://vimeo.com/36567853. Kudos to KUT-FM again!

Secondly, but not unexpectedly, KXAN-TV (NBC) morning reporter Kate Weidaw, PhD resigned to follow her new dream, teaching full time. She earned her doctorate this spring. (See http://newsmcnab.blogspot.com and scroll down three stories.).

Dr. Weidaw gave notice Monday, June 11, 2012 saying, “I accepted a job at the University of Georgia in Athens to be an assistant professor in their Telecommunications Department. I'll leave KXAN at the end of July beginning of August.” So, she will see the station through the July sweeps month.

Weidaw had been teaching broadcast journalism at St. Edward’s University in Austin.

This is a big deal too!

Congratulations to Kate and KUT-FM.

© Jim McNabb, 2012


wxrman said...

Would somebody please check and see if anyone is left at KXAN.

allineed said...

I wish her the very best. She has always been stellar at what she does and I have no doubt she will be outstanding in her new position. God bless her and her family on their new and exciting journey.

Anonymous said...

Congrats Kate! Follow your heart and get the heck away from KXAN as fast as you can!