Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Catenya McHenry Gone

What are They Thinking?

According to Catenya McHenry’s Facebook page, she’s gone as the weekend morning anchor and everything else at KXAN TV (NBC).

“Well, everyone, I'm no longer at KXAN. My contract was terminated last week. It's so unfortunate, especially at this time of year, but I thank you all my friends and fans for making our show #1 this year. It's been amazing telling your stories and being a part of your lives. Thank you for what you've given me. Pray my family will be blessed in the future. Merry Christmas!!”

Frankly, I’m astounded. Ms. McHenry is a pro. She is smooth and concise in a live shot. She had a fun morning program. I don’t know who will be on the air in her place.

As a 40-plus year veteran of Austin broadcast news, I find it a sad, sad solution for these stations. No, I don’t know what precipitated the decision-making, and it’s impossible to find out at midnight. I do know that I recommended Ms. McHenry for hire.

Yes, I did post, “Damn TV news” in response to her post. TV news is like a predator that chews off its arm when caught in a trap.

After getting good, if not great, weekday ratings, the “suits” do something like this. In my opinion it was capricious and ill conceived.

It smacks of the same mentality KXAN had some years ago when they ran off or laid-off veteran staff members, people who know where to find stories and knew how to report them. It looks like the same kind of mentality found at today’s Austin American-Statesman.

Of course, these actions don’t just take place here in Austin/Central Texas. They are industry-wide.

The viewing, reading, consuming public is not well served by them.

How do I really feel?

© Jim McNabb, December 13, 2011.


Kenneth Bitz said...

Indeed it is a sad day in journalism to see a pro like Ms. McHenry dropped for no apparent reason.

Anonymous said...

She is definitely not the only one something like this has happened to at KXAN recently. The management there is horrible and treats their employees like dirt. 5 employees have had bad dealings with the management at KXAN within the last 6 months and more are sure to come. They do not value good journalism or family values. Thank you for giving someone as wonderful as Catenya a voice in this horrible situation.

Anonymous said...

What is going on at KXAN36? I only watched KXAN36 on the weekends and now both of my 2 favorite ladies are gone. Guess I'll watch KVUE everyday nowe. They was the best AM show in Austin. I didn't watch until then. They are going down hill.

Anonymous said...

What's going on over? Like a flashback to the Wild Bill days. Rhonda, Nancy, Debra, Catenya ... and I hear more departures are coming. All within a span of just a couple months.

Anonymous said...

Why is it only women? I thought mostly women watched TV? Why then are they getting rid of so many.

Anonymous said...

We have decided that since Shawn is gone we will have to switch to another channel for all t.v. viewing...although we do love Jim Spencer.

Anonymous said...

When I watched Catenya, I couldn't help but think she had the talent and personality to be in a major market. It never ceases to amaze me the "talent" Austin stations leave on the air and those they choose to let go. Catenya has great talent, far better than 90% of those on Austin TV. I wish her the best.