Thursday, April 21, 2011

Who's Doing the Best?


Who is doing award-winning radio news in Austin? It’s the station that could be struggling for funding if Congress has its way. KUT-FM, National Public Radio (NPR) public radio station swept the Region 6, Texas and Oklahoma, large market 2011 Regional Edward R. Murrow Awards announced today. (April 21, 2011)

KUT-FM grabbed five awards. No other Austin radio or television station won in any category of the Murrow awards. The KUT-FM awards are for “Continuing Coverage”, “Hard News”, “Documentary”, and “Series”.

Announcement of the awards came via email from the Radio Television Digital News Association:

“The Radio Television Digital News Association has been honoring outstanding achievements in electronic journalism with the Edward R. Murrow Awards since 1971. Murrow's pursuit of excellence in journalism embodies the spirit of the awards that carry his name. Murrow Award recipients demonstrate the spirit of excellence that Edward R. Murrow made a standard for the broadcast news profession.”

As a regional winner, KUT-FM automatically becomes eligible for the national awards competition, judged in June. The national Edward R. Murrow Awards will be presented in October at the RTDNA Awards Dinner in New York.

Here is a breakdown of the KUT-FM awards:

Audio Continuing Coverage
KUT-FM - Austin, TX
Bernier Doctors on Healthcare

Audio Reporting: Hard News
KUT-FM - Austin, TX
Bernier Doctors on Healthcare

Audio News Documentary
KUT-FM - Austin, TX
Where I'm From

Audio News Series
KUT-FM - Austin, TX
NASA End of the Space Shuttle

KUT-FM - Austin, TX
Texas Topics Writing Samples 2010

Congratulations to KUT-FM. Now, go make a donation to keep them up and running.

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Anonymous said...

I have to give you praise for giving acknowledgement to NPR..But I have to make an observation and ask some questions to understand the state of Journalism today.How is it that the NPR program (changeing Austin) and a certain website is not considered conflict of interest? same articles written by the same authors on staff? How is it that the Right political side is the one who wants to stop federal aid to NPR? Is there a common political message that they are portraying? It seems also that same said website has an agenda as well and ONLY After it was brought to your attention was the tone and message starting to change.Also how are opinion papers and conjecture figured as Journalism? case in point cross referencing opinion papers in an article to create fact.Which is unobstantiated in the first place. I believe thats what I cannot rap my head around..And have a nice easter..

Anonymous said...

Oow- that post was not the tone I intended Mr Mcnabb.You have never been rude to me and I appoligise if that affended you.It sounds quit harsh reading it..No I was intending to just analyse in an academic manner so I could learn more from your experiance..Not to show blame or if something is wrong but how do journalistic ethics come into play? not useing this but to learn..Again sorry for sounding rude..