Monday, October 25, 2010

Michell Valles Departs

Michelle Valles is leaving KEYE TV (CBS).
She announced on Facebook Monday morning, October 25,"I have just announced to my beloved colleagues at KEYE-TV that I have decided to pursue other interests after my contract ends this year. It was a wonderful experience helping launch Austin Live, but I am ready to begin a new journey! Thank you KEYE-TV and Central Texas viewers, this has been a GREAT chapter in my life."

Her last day will be December 15th.
Valles says her plans are still up in the air.

"It's all in the works and too preliminary to give you a long-range plan. I have a lot of prospects and am considering which one I fit in best. Short term--time off and rejuvenating. This has been the most laborious role I've ever had in TV. It's extremely demanding and with that I need time to re-focus.

Would she return to local TV? She doesn't rule it out. "If it's the right company and philosophy. I have so many options! I'm thrilled, a little acting, writing (i have plans for a book) but most importantly time for me and my close ones. I am so excited!"

Valles came to Austin as the main 5, 6, and 10 anchor on KXAN TV (NBC) in 2003. While there, she won "Best Anchor" honors from the Texas Associated Press Broadcasters.

After a much-publicized DWI arrest, which was later reduced. She left KXAN when she and the station couldn't agree on a new contract.

KEYE TV hired Valles as a morning anchor with Fred Cantu in 2008.
When the station decided to abandon its traditional morning broadcast, Valles helped lauch a "live style" show at 4 p.m. with co-anchor Jason Wheeler. Much of the show was built around her personality.

"We are launching a nationwide search for her replacement," says Suzanne Black, KEYE TV news director. I wish her much luck and good fortune. I will miss her."

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rosie said...

I'm so excited for Michelle's new adventure! As a friend and former colleauge, I respect her hard work and positive energy. New beginnings are wonderful ones!

The Inanity Defense said...

I think Michelle Valles started work at KEYE in the latter part of 2008 or early 2009. That's instead of the "2005" noted in the article.

Other than the nitpicking, what does this say about the future of the 4pm news on KEYE? Or even her soon-to-be former co-anchor?

It's literally a matter of watching -- and waiting.

Anonymous said...

Read your articles about Gregg Watson and Michelle Valles. Why was there never any news about Stephanie Serna leaving?

Anonymous said...

from an insider: word is her soon to be former co anchor Wheeler may be leaving very soon too but I don't know where. Both of them have struggled with a lot of politics and crazy stuff behind the scenes and both of them are polished and can do news and fun stuff so they are defanitely ready for bigger and better things. The show will still go on without them but it won't be the same because I know from the inside that a lot of the creativity comes from MV nd JW.

Anonymous said...

and stehanie serna moved to san antonio where she is working as a reporter.

NewsMcNabb said...

You're right about the date when Michelle came to KEYE. I was going to be late to my class and didn't proof the story well. Sorry.

I believe that you're right about Jason Wheeler.

Where Stephanie Serna is concerned, I considered writing about her, but she was considered a temporary employee. I'm happy that she's found a home in San Antonio, a bigger market.

NewsMcNabb said...

Oh, I updated the post with the correct dates and some comments from Suzanne Black, KEYE TV news director.

Anonymous said...

Gregg left. Michelle is leaving. Fred's off the Telemundo show. Are they cutting salaries over on Metric Blvd.? The plug needs to be pulled on the 4 p.m. show. Ratings are zilch.