Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Matt Flener to a Top 20 Market

From Austin to Denver

Novice reporters should take note of the quality and type of work that KXAN TV’s (NBC) Matt Flener has done and is doing. It is not “flash and trash”. On the other hand it is certainly not pedestrian. It is original, thorough, and thoughtful story-telling.

Flener is not one to take a news release from the hand of the assignments editor and rewrite it slightly while throwing in a sound bite from a news conference. Flener during his time in Austin has always looked behind the curtain to see who is pulling the strings and talking through the megaphone. Now, Flener’s time in Austin is coming to an end, and viewers here may have more shallow stories from city hall and elsewhere. All reporters should strive for this kind journalism.

Now, Matt Flener is being called up to a top 20 market television station, jumping from Austin (#48) to Denver (#16). He’s also going to what many believe is the top station in the Denver market, KUSA TV (NBC), a station that has owned the awards over the years.

Flener says that he has had his eye on the Denver market and KUSA in particular since he started in broadcast journalism. “I am going to do general assignments reporting, and I haven't established a beat yet. I will try to focus my initial source development on a few topics to be determined, though, to gain some good trust in the community. As you know, that takes time,” Flener says.

Flener started at KXAN TV as an Anchor/Reporter in May, 2007. Since then, while focusing on city hall, he has been a “go-to” reporter for many big stories, such as the recent suicide-by-plane and Hurricane Katrina. “They say journalists shouldn't cry. Well, I broke that rule when I came back from covering stories during Hurricane Katrina,” Flener says on the KXAN web site.

He goes to Denver well prepared. “I enrolled in the Missouri School of Journalism and started my career at KOMU-TV, the NBC affiliate in Columbia, Mo. I eventually anchored the morning news at KOMU for four-and-a-half years, with stints as noon anchor, education reporter and investigative reporter.”

KXAN has added to his tool chest. “When I started three years ago, I wrote packages by pen and paper in the live truck. Our technology at KXAN has changed so much. Now, I can write a package, a web story, tweet, use a flip camera, and take pictures all in about the same time it took me to write one package. Technology has helped me do my job better, and I think it has allowed my stories to gain traction on many different media.”

Flener will still be on the air in Austin through the May sweeps, but he and his family are looking forward to the move. My wife is already planning snowboarding trips for my nearly two-year-old daughter and "figure ice skating" (as my daughter says) lessons for my soon-to-be four-year-old daughter. My wife and I are from the Midwest, so we are used to the cold, but we are certainly spoiled in Austin.” And, they will miss Central Texas.

“I will miss the invitations into the homes and businesses of great and welcoming people every day. I will miss my friends at the Austin Stone Community Church. I will miss the hundreds of people that have taken time out of their busy lives to let me tell their story. And I will miss Torchy's Tacos, Thunderbird and Bennu Coffeehouses, and Rudy's,” Flener says.

Flener will start working at KUSA near the end of June.

Meantime, does that mean that there is an opening at KXAN? Perhaps. Many KXAN loyalists may have seen a familiar face reporting recently—Catenya McHenry. She was a KXAN reporter in the late 1990s and early 2000s. Does Flener’s departure mean a return of McHenry? KXAN President and General Manager Erick Lassberg recently defined McHenry’s present status as “temporary”.

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Anonymous said...

Congrats! I fear Jim right ... the replacement won't be nearly as good.

Daniel Gravois said...

Matt did not cover Hurricane Katrina for KXAN since that was Aug 05.
However he did provide excellent coverage of Hurricane Ike for KXAN. Ike moved in on a Saturday morning. Matt anchored from the studio that morning and then went to Beaumont to cover the relief efforts there.
I just want to make sure the record is straight and clear.

NewsMcNabb said...

You are right, Daniel. Rich Parsons and I had a discussion about the timing of coverage earlier. Matt did do a follow up of Katrina, but he was not yet on staff when the hurricane hit. Rich and Chris Willis covered Katrina for KXAN TV.
Good catch, Daniel.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Management at KXAN has some serious personnel issues coming in the next month. They will be losing four of their major reporters/anchors. This is not by coincidence. Lin Television has made some major cutbacks in recent months to sure up their books. Management at KXAN has failed to retain some of their top talent due to unknown reasons. As a viewer to their newscasts, I would like to know what is going on in their newsroom?

Anonymous said...

Who else is leaving 36 besides Flener? This isn't the first place I've heard an insider mention an impending exodus there. Soulnds like shades of the Wild Bill days ...

Anonymous said...

i hear Shannon Powell is leaving and moving towards Dallas. There will be a couple of more announcements in the coming weeks.

MM said...

Interesting. How did they do in the last ratings period?