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And The Winner Is ...

KVUE TV Will Pick Up

the Most Plaques

The Texas Associated Press Broadcasters Association announced the award winners for the 2008-2009 this week. KVUE-TV (ABC) will be making multiple trips to the podium when the hardware is handed out in April.

KVUE won nine first place awards and five more second place. KEYE TV and News 8 (Time Warner Cable) tied with five, although one of KEYE’s awards was a second place honor for Nanci Wilson who is now at KXAN. KTBC TV is next with four. KXAN wins three.

Worth noting: KEYE TV won first place for its web site for the second straight year under the guidance of Sousa Williams.

Here’s the breakdown:

AP Broadcast Award Winners


Best Newscast
1. WOAI, San Antonio. Lauren Blevins. Aired 6 p.m. 3-20-2008
2. KVUE, Austin. Frank Volpicella. Aired 6 p.m. 12-17-2008

Best Sportscast
1. WOAI, San Antonio. David Chancellor, Mike Klein & Keith VanProoyen. Aired 9-26-2008
2. KXAN, Austin. Roger Wallace, Brian Sanders & Leila Rahimi. Aired 10 p.m. 9-26-2008
Hon Men: KEYE, Austin. Bob Ballou, Chris Pelikan & Anthony Geronimo. Aired 10 p.m. 9-26-2008

Best Weathercast
1. KENS, San Antonio. Bill Taylor. Aired 6 p.m. 12-17-2008
2. News 8 Austin. Maureen McCann. Aired 12-17-2008
Hon Men: KTBC, Austin. Scott Fisher. Aired 9 p.m. 6-24-2008

Best News Anchor/Team
1. KVUE, Austin. Tyler Sieswerda
2. WOAI, San Antonio. Delaine Mathieu
Hon Men: KVUE, Austin. Terri Gruca

Best Spot Coverage/Station
1. KVUE, Austin. May Storms
2. KXAN, Austin. Amber Alert for Adrian Jaimes
Hon Men: KXAN, Austin. Governor's Mansion Fire

Best Spot Story/Individual
1. WOAI, San Antonio. Ryan O'Donnell & Michael Botsford. Steve's Tornado Hit
2. KABB, San Antonio. Jonathan Martinez & Hondo Garcia. Waycross Fire
Hon Men: News 8 Austin. Heidi Zhou & Eddie Garcia. Highway Rescue

Best Feature/Serious
1. KVUE, Austin. Christine Haas & Todd Rogenthien. Jessica's Story
2. KENS, San Antonio. Joe Conger & Michael Humphries. Something in the Air
Hon Men: KVUE, Austin. Tyler Sieswerda & Jarrod Wise. Race for Cancer

Best Feature/Light
1. KTBC, Austin. Foti Kallergis. Personal Paparazzi
2. KENS, San Antonio. Chris Marrou & Michael Humphries. Green Burials
Hon Men: KVUE, Austin. Clara Tuma & Scott McKenney. Haunted Theaters

Best Investigative
1. KVUE, Austin. Christine Haas & Todd Rogenthien. Sex Offender Loophole
2. KEYE, Austin. Nanci Wilson & Joe Moreno. Austin Building Inspectors
Hon Men: KENS, San Antonio. Joe Conger & Larry Burns. Grave Secrets

Best Photojournalism/Station
1. KVUE, Austin2. KENS, San AntonioNo HM.
Best Photojournalism/Individual1. KENS, San Antonio. Michael Humphries
2. KVUE, Austin. Doug Naugle
Hon Men: KVUE, Austin. Nathan Cardenas

Best Documentary/TV Magazine or Special
1. KVUE, Austin. Olga Campos & Kathy Hadlock. Home for the Holidays
2. News 8 Austin. Rachel Elsberry, Drew Moses & Chris Rodriguez. ACL Music Festival
Hon Men: KVUE, Austin. Quita Culpepper & Kathy Hadlock. Does It Work?

Best Series
1. KEYE, Austin. Jason Wheeler. Hurricane Ike
2. KVUE, Austin. Clara Tuma, Jarrod Wise & Doug Naugle. Survivor's Story
Hon Men: KTBC, Austin. Foti Kallergis. Hair Today

Best Specialty/Beat Reporting
1. KVUE, Austin. Elise Hu. Political Beat
2. KENS, San Antonio. Barry Davis. Eyewitness Wants to Know
Hon Men: News 8 Austin. Victor Diaz. Film Industry

Best Reporter
1. KVUE, Steve Alberts
2. KENS, San Antonio. Barry Davis
Hon Men: KABB, San Antonio. James Keith

Best General Assignment
1. KVUE, Austin. Christine Haas & Todd Rogenthien. Jessica's Story
2. KVUE, Austin. Shelton Green & Robert McMurrey. Last House Standing
Hon Men: KTBC, Austin. Rudy Koski & Sonny Carillo. Caldwell Shootout

Best Continuing Coverage
1. KENS, San Antonio. Recycling Center Fire
2. KEYE, Austin. Jason Wheeler, Joe Moreno & John Salazar. Hurricane Ike
Hon Men: KVUE, Austin. May Storms

Best Website
1. KEYE, Austin
2. KVUE, Austin
Hon Men: News 8 Austin

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